Learn with the book of secret (free)

There are treasures in negative emotions
so-called "Moyamoya" in Japanese!



Moyamoya is… a sign of "Listen to your heart!"



Find the treasure hidden in the Moyamoya,
and act upon what your voice of heart says, enjoy the miracles that will happen!






Let's go on a mindful journey of Moyamoya exploration
to find the treasures hidden in the negative emotion!



"I'll give you this book of secret for Moyamoya Exploration"
to accompany you on your exploration.



There are so many things I want to tell you,so I've packed it all in!



Of course, you don't have to watch all the videos to understand everything.


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ご縁に感謝です。(I am very grateful that we met.)



NOW, let's begin the journey of Moyamoya exploration!

Be Happy Before and After You Make Your Dreams Come True!

What is Moyamoya Exploration?

Examples of Moyamoya Explorations

How the Universe Works: Finding Treasure through Moyamoya Exploration

The Three Stages of Enjoying Life

Thank you Ceremony

The Treasure Hidden in Moyamoya; LOVE

The Treasure Hidden in Moyamoya; VOICE FROM YOUR HEART

The Treasure Hidden in Moyamoya; TALENT

The Treasure Hidden in Moyamoya; MESSAGES FROM THE UNIVERSE

The Treasure Hidden in Moyamoya; MISSION

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How to receive messages from the universe and how to mature Moyamoya


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【Conversation with Tomoe Amemiya @ Hong Kong】The secret to attracting your dreams with the power of words


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